Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ready to Get Scraped

I called the doctor today to ask about timing for my hysteroscopy, since I hadn't heard yet. The first receptionist I got was not the nicest person; she didn't sound very happy about having to answer the phone, and when she told me the nurse wasn't at her desk I had to ask if I could leave a message, and then she hung up on me. (I'm sure that part was an accident.)

After about 15 minutes, I called again, hoping I'd get a more cheerful receptionist, and I did. And she found the nurse for me.

The nurse told me I'm "Case 2," which means I'll go under the... not knife, hysteroscope? at about 10am, but I have to go in at 8:30 to prepare. I asked if there was anything else I needed to know, besides not eating for 8 hours prior, and she said "hm, let's see what they say... no food or drink after midnight, wear comfortable clothes that you can get out of easily, leave all your jewelry at home, don't wear deodorant or perfume or lotion, and take a shower the night before or the morning of the procedure. Heh, like you'd come to surgery stinky. That's funny that they think you need a reminder." :) She cracks me up.

So everything is set.

In other news, it's been HOT lately. Sunday we had a thunderstorm, which was great because it meant I didn't have to water. I've hated the heat, but my backyard sure has enjoyed it!

Pumpkin #1 Pumpkin #2 Pumpkin #3

These are my French red pumpkins of which I can't remember the proper name. The biggest one grew really fast; last week when I saw it it was less than half this size.


The hops are starting to put on cones!

The Beginning of Shade

A long time ago, I bookmarked a photo of a sunshade made from recycled umbrellas, and I found it again while going through my (way too large) bookmarks and getting rid of broken links and things a couple of weeks ago. I cleaned out my local Goodwill and St. Vincent shops, and I feel like I need probably twice as many umbrellas as I have. I laid them all out at our loading dock at work and pinned them, and then spent the last three days on the floor hand-sewing them together. And I only poked under my fingernail with the needle three times! I'm excited to get more umbrellas and set it up on my very hot patio! (Seriously, the concrete gets so hot during the day that it radiates way after the sun sets.)


  1. Good luck with 'the scrape'! : ) Hope this'll be the thing that'll pave the way to a big fat positive!!x

  2. I'll be following you to see how it goes. Wishing you the best of luck!