Tuesday, July 1, 2014

GAH! And then, half an hour later, less gah.

Upon recommendation from my insurance rep, I called my insurance company this morning to see what I could do to hurry along the pre-auth for the hysteroscopy, only to find that they haven't received a request yet. So I called the doctor and after lots of brusque questions the receptionist said "we're working on it." So I said "OK, thank you!" and hung up.

And then immediately kicked myself for not asking how long they're going to take. I have three days left until the weekend, and hope is fading fast that I'll be able to get this done on Monday, which means I have to wait until the 21st.

Also, I feel terrible complaining about this, but because this blog is a record of what's happening to me I'm using that as my excuse to be whiny. I swear this birth control is affecting me more than my last round of stim shots did. I spent ten minutes after the phone calls this morning crying in Cory's office. It's such a weird feeling, crying while my logical brain is feeling like it's not that big of a deal and isn't sure why it requires tears.


After an hour or so, I started this post and then left it to go for a walk. While I was out, the nurse called to ask if I could re-fax in my insurance card. Apparently their process is to send new insurance information to a different department for entry into my record in their database, and while the nurse did that on Friday, nobody actually updated my record. So instead the nurse is going to send it directly to the pre-auth people so they can expedite the request. I called her back and talked to her just to get myself back on track with being a little more assertive, and she still thinks that we might be able to get in on the 7th. So I feel better that I was able to get my questions answered after all, and I'm happy to know that they're trying their best instead of just annoyed that I was calling.

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