Wednesday, March 26, 2014

May 12

I called ORM yesterday afternoon to schedule our consultation. They have a new digital patient record system, so instead of scheduling me they emailed me with a login to their portal as well as medical record release forms, and asked me to call back when I'd gotten that stuff all updated.

So we spent half an hour or so going through the patient history and contact forms online last night, and I filled out four release forms this morning and emailed them all in, and called ORM back this afternoon.

So May 12 is the day! I had a choice between two doctors and I chose based on a few YouTube videos I'd seen recently of a local panel discussion they did awhile back. I mentioned that I'd been with OHSU before and that I was hoping ORM would be able to help me a little more successfully, and the receptionist was only too happy to tell me how much better the customer service is at ORM. Heh. I didn't have a problem with OHSU's service for the most part, but I'm still excited to see what the office and nurses and our doctor are like.

Work is going to be very busy for the next month, leading up to our annual conference at the end of April; and then I have a renaissance faire to perform at the weekend before the appointment, so I know the days will fly by until then. But that hasn't stopped me from staying awake thinking about our upcoming excitement for the past couple of nights. 

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