Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Clinic Success Rates

I made it home, and now I'm researching! And I also need to put all my old paperwork together in a separate area so I can start fresh with my polka-dot IVF folders.

My first piece of research is to look again at the Sart clinic summary reports for my local clinics, to make sure that my two-year-old decision to go with Oregon Reproductive Medicine is still the right one.

There are three clinics within 100 miles of me (i.e. Portland), and just a quick check of their 2012 success rates clinches it for me:
Northwest Fertility Center -  52.3% pregnancy success rate, and a 50% live birth success rate, with 111 cycles
University Fertility Consultants (where I had my last procedure) - 53.3% pregnancy success rate and a 51.1% live birth success rate, with 370 cycles
Oregon Reproductive Medicine - 64.7% pregnancy success rate and a 58.7% live birth success rate, with 942 cycles

Even when you only look at male factor success rates, OHSU is 66.7% and ORM is 73.1%. So it looks like ORM is still the right choice.

Really, I know that I can't go on success rates alone. I had a better than 50% chance of getting pregnant last time and I didn't get pregnant. But at least I can feel better about going to a clinic that I know will give me a slightly better chance.

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