Friday, November 4, 2011


Things were pretty hectic leading up to transfer today. C and I both went to work for the first four and a half hours, and he had a meeting up until noon on the dot. We stopped at Starbucks and then hit the road. It was after Starbucks that C remembered that they wanted us there at 1:30 and not 2. So some speed may have been picked up. Sort of. Because we kept getting stuck behind car after car. Usually when we go up, traffic isn't that heavy, but I think Friday afternoon may have had something to do with it.

We were only five minutes late when we missed the exit. Yes, we, who have been to that clinic a dozen times, missed the freaking exit. So I frantically whipped out my phone to map out how to turn around. The directions included driving on a road that was closed. So we had to detour. When we finally parked a block away, the meter wouldn't take my coins. We finally showed up at 1:45. (And then the nurse took my blood pressure and asked if I was nervous. Nope, just freaked out for a half an hour and then ran up here, no biggie.)

I got onto the table and the nurse did an ultrasound. And of course, the empty bladder struck again - the 27 ounces of water I'd had were not enough. So she gave me two more cups and after I downed 'em and waited five minutes, the bladder looked OK. (Woo!) So in came the doctor.

The transfer itself was quick and easy. The embryologist had spoken with us before the ultrasound to tell us we had two 3AB-grade embryos, our two 5-dayers, that both made it just fine out of their frozen slumber. (Vitrification apparently has much higher survival rates than regular ol' cryopreservation.) In they went, and then I lied there for half an hour.

And I'm proud to say, I did NOT have to use the bedpan. :D In fact, it wasn't unbearable until I had about ten minutes left.

And then we were done!

I cried a little half-tear when they were finished; same as last time; and I felt super relaxed afterwards. I was surprised; last night was rough emotionally and I figured that I'd still be that way afterwards, trying to protect myself from the results of the pregnancy test, but I was happy and hopeful again. Of course, I keep going back and forth, being excited and then trying to keep myself in check. But positivity is always good.

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you hon. Sounds like the transfer went great, even with all the stress of getting there. I would be losing my mind! Have a relaxing weekend and keep those thoughts positive :)