Sunday, September 4, 2011

Transfer Day!

Today was transfer day! After a nearly painless PIO shot last night, I was happy and ready to go at 7:45am. I filled up my water bottle with 20 ounces of water, and after a stop at the rest stop promptly at 9 I chugged the water and was ready to to by 9:30. The embryologist came and talked to us about how the embryos were looking great, and we would definitely have some to freeze.

At 9:45 the nurse had gotten me into a (super cold) room, and she did a quick ultrasound on my lower belly. "I can't even see your bladder! I'll go get you some more water and give you fifteen minutes." She came back with two 12-ounce cups and left me to it.

At about 10:10, the nurse came back and did another quick ultrasound. "That looks better, but not good enough. I'll go get you some more water and give you fifteen minutes." She came back with two more 12-ounce cups.

As I was drinking that water, the doctor came in and chatted about how many embryos we wanted to transfer. I told her about how after the retrieval that doctor had mentioned maybe only transferring one due to my OHSS risk, but that I'd been weighing and measuring myself and everything looked good and I felt fine. So two it was.

At about 10:30 the ultrasound finally looked good, but now the doctor was seeing to another patient because it was taking me so long. So she left me to lie on the table for awhile until she could round up the doctor and the embryologist.

Finally as my full bladder started to get hard to bear, in came everyone. The ultrasound was pushed hard into my lower belly, and the doctor put in the speculum and then the catheter. When it looked like she was in the right place the embryologist came in and handed the doctor the embryos, and she transferred them in. I wanted to watch and enjoy it, but I had to dig my fingernails into my other finger pads, I had to pee so badly. But I was holding on for when they were done, when I could pee and then lie flat for half an hour.

Except then they said that I had to lie flat FIRST and then they'd let me pee.

They all left and I was surprised by happy tears; it was so nice to finally get to this point!!

I lasted about 8 minutes with the urge to pee completely killing me, and then C went out and asked the nurse if there was anything they could do. She came in and grabbed a bedpan from the cabinet and let me do my thing in there. It was a really weird feeling, lying on my back to pee. But once that was done I was able to actually focus on relaxing and making my uterus look extra pretty for my new tenants. Please move in, new tenants!

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