Saturday, January 1, 2011

I called the doctor's office a few days ago to schedule a yearly and also see if I could get the results of the labwork that was done a few days before Christmas. The appointment-scheduler transferred me to a nurse, who sounded like she'd had a long day, and she said "your thyroid and MMR are fine, your progesterone is 8.78, and your prolactin is 18.4. We usually like to see prolactin between 3 and 18.6." She said she wouldn't release the results of C's lab to anyone but him, so I had him call.

C's results were low count and low motility. Nice double-whammy.

So we at least feel as though we're on the trailhead, rather than wandering around trying to find it like we've been doing for the past year. A urologist is going to be calling C sometime in the next week to talk about his options. I don't know any details yet in his case; it may be that they're just slightly low, or it may be that they're very low, so I'm not worried quite yet. But there's a possibility that we may have a very hard time getting pregnant even with help. I'll cross that bridge when we come to it, though. Or I'll try, anyway.

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