Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just Relax!

Yesterday when my coworkers and I were taking our walk (we walk during our breaks, it's awesome), we chatted about my coworker's struggle for he and his wife to get pregnant. I was encouraged when I heard it took them a little over a year, and I told him it made me feel better that I'm not the only one who's tried unsuccessfully for months. My other coworker said "maybe it's because you are over-thinking it! Just stop charting and have sex when you feel like it!" I didn't really say anything at the time but I decided to instead refute that here, where she will never see it. :D

I use the Fertility Awareness Method, where I take my temperature every day and I chart it both in Excel for my records and at FertilityFriend so that I can share charts easily online. Luckily, I ovulate at almost exactly the same time every month (CD17), so I can plan the days to have sex with pretty good accuracy. We usually go every other day from CD13 to CD17. We can't do much more; we're historically once-a-month people, and by the end both of us are ready for a break. But we aren't still child-free due to bad timing. I feel like we've gotten pretty good at it.

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