Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A tooth!

We had quite an eventful Memorial Weekend! On Friday evening I picked Ivy up, ran home to drop Cory off and feed the baby, and then on to pick up Grandma and go over the mountains to Mom's house. Ivy slept almost all the way there, which was fantastic - she started to get a bit punchy when we had about ten minutes to go. It was great.

And then we spent the whole weekend hanging out at Mom's house. We experimented with textures in the garden, we played with a couple of new toys, we took naps, we cuddled. On Sunday evening, Ivy was a little fussy, and then she bonked her face onto my sternum, which lead to an hour of crying. But I could tell it wasn't the bonk that was hurting, it was just the catalyst - teething was the real problem. Ivy's grandpa went out for some Motrin and by the time he got back she was fine again. But I gave her a dose before bed anyway, which I think helped; she woke up whimpering a few times and nursed quite a bit. And then in the morning she had a tiny point of a tooth! Hooray!

I was also able to see my cousin and her boyfriend and his 10-year-old daughter who is nonverbal autistic. She was enamored with Ivy and wanted to hold her, and we have a great picture of them together.

Monday was a beautiful day, and it was a good thing too, because the car broke down just as we were getting back into cell phone range as we came over the mountain pass. We waited outside for an hour until a tow truck arrived, and he took us the 60 miles home. (Or rather, to our mechanic.) My aunt and uncle met us there and drove us home, and Cory is now on a bus into the city so he can get a rental and talk to the mechanic.

And now we wait for daddy to come home so we can get to day care and then to work. Ivy was kind enough to wake up at 6, and is already taking a nap on me. She's pooped too, I guess!

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