Sunday, May 22, 2016

11 Months

We have a very busy baby on our hands! 11 months is not marking the start, but we are well underway with having a little one who is crawling over to off-limits things, pulling up on everything, and cruising around the furniture. Everything is a toy or a musical instrument or a science experiment. She is learning to stop what she's doing when we say "no!" but then tries to do the thing again a few seconds later. Her strawberry-blonde hair is long enough for spiking up in the bath, and the continued lack of teeth doesn't keep her from stuffing her little face with broccoli florets. We also have a first word: "hi!" I heard a very intentional "mama" this morning too. She may have said "dada" intentionally long ago, but it's hard to tell when it's babbles and when it's intentional. When you start singing pattycake, she claps. (She also claps when you tell her to, or say "yay!" She waves at people tons. She likes grabbing Dexter's tail and poking Linus in the eye. And she is growing like a weed - a couple of weeks ago she stepped up her milk consumption at daycare and I couldn't keep up, so now I send her with three ounces of pureed food too. It has helped me not worry so much about running out. She also gets dinner, which is usually more puree and a bit of whatever we are eating. She also likes those teething biscuits. (They're so messy though!) Her sleep has been disrupted the last few nights too; lots of waking up and flailing around. And lots of nursing. But not much fussing, and I'm thankful for that!

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