Saturday, July 25, 2015

Post-op and Nursing

Last Thursday, Ivy had a quick visit with the surgeon who repaired her fistula. And it was quick: the nurse practitioner spoke with us for a couple of minutes and had us update her on how Ivy's been doing, and then the surgeon came in and looked at her incision and her IV site (they looked fine) and sent us on our way. He said that it'll take 3-6 months for both to completely heal, which is a long time but I think she'll be bandage- (and Billy Idol glove-) free much sooner than that. They also set up an appointment for us to do another swallow test and do an ultrasound to look for renal birth defects (they doubt there are any but they're just being safe) in six weeks.

We also swung by the children's hospital (which is a separate wing from where the appointment was) so that we could pick up some milk that had been left in the deep freezer (there was a ton!) and take a couple of photos at the entrance sign. It was weird being back there, like we never left and also like it was a year ago.

Breastfeeding is going better! Leaning back a bit and using pillows has made a big difference. Ivy is still taking a supplemental bottle shortly after every meal with me, which will hopefully stop eventually as she learns to eat more efficiently. She wiggles a lot and ends up popping herself off several times but she's getting better at latching back on without much help. She usually ends up just kinda lying there and nibbling after awhile, and I always think she's going to nurse herself to sleep, but she always wakes up the second I move her. I rubbed her head after her feeding at 2am last night and put her to sleep, though - it was cute.


  1. Glad to hear the feeding is going better. As with so many things in life, sometimes it just takes a little more time and practice!

  2. So glad breastfeeding is going better!