Sunday, October 16, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I had a lovely break-cycle. I didn't think about IVF much, and C and I enjoyed ourselves.

But Friday it was back to business. I called the nurse to tell her it was time to start the FET cycle, and she gave me the new protocol:

Sunday, October 16th-20th: Estrogen 1x/day
October 21st-24th: Estrogen 2x/day
October 25th-28th: Estrogen 3x/day
Blood draw/ultrasound October 28th
If all looks good, estrogen 2x/day and 2cc progesterone starting October 29th, and the actual FET on November 4th.

Then a comedy of errors kicked off the weekend: because it was late in the afternoon on Friday, I asked the nurse twice to make sure she called my local pharmacy with the order right away because I wasn't sure if it was open on weekends. She assured me she was doing it right after the phone call, so after work I went straight to the pharmacy. The pharmacist hadn't gotten the order. So on Saturday morning (we had plans to go to Portland mid-morning) I called the pharmacy. They still hadn't gotten the order. I called the on-call doctor, who said she'd call it in. I waited for 45 minutes and called the pharmacy again (around 9:45). The audibly annoyed pharmacist still hadn't gotten the order, so she took my number and the doctor's number and told me she'd call me when it was ready.

Two hours later, I still hadn't heard from the pharmacy. I had an appointment in Portland in the late afternoon and I needed time to get up there, so I called the pharmacy again, intending to let them know I only had two more hours before I HAD to have the prescription, and they said the pills were ready. Upset that they'd never called me to let me know that, I ran to the pharmacy. "Oh, it's Megan!" the pharmacist said with a weird look when she gave me the estrogen. I thought that was odd until about ten minutes later, on our way out of town, when my phone suddenly beeped to let me know there was an incoming voice message. It was the pharmacy. They'd called at 9:55. And my phone hadn't gotten the message from the voice mail system until almost 1. No wonder the pharmacist talked to me like that - she thought I'd been nagging them because I was in a hurry and then didn't show up to the pharmacy for three hours after they'd hurried to get the prescription filled. Oops. Sorry, pharmacy. It wasn't my fault.

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  1. Good luck this cycle! I hope that it results in a healthy, happy pregnancy & baby!